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Posted by Anonymous Monday, April 12, 2010

What are the Icons of Evolution? They are the most important charts, diagrams and illustrations that gave credibility to the theory of evolution. These icons included about a dozen of these illustrations. Jonathan Wells popularized the phrase with his book, Icons of Evolution. These icons were the main 'examples', or illustrations that 'put the theory of evolution on the map'. One of these icons was the Archaeopteryx, a 'reptile/bird' that had teeth. It also had claws on its wings. This was a very important icon, because there were no fossils that showed any evolution (one kind of creature changing into another kind).

This icon was later shown to be nothing more than an extinct bird. It was discovered in layers where birds already existed... so it could not have been anything that evolved into a bird. This was devastating to the theory because it was the only hope for there to be any fossil evidence that evolution took place. This removed the only 'transitional fossil" to support the theory (There should be millions of them by now if evolution were true).

The Archaeopteryx has still been left in textbooks and is still believed to be a valid example of evolution by teachers and professors throughout the nation. Another icon was Haeckel's Embryos. This chart showed stages of various vertebrates as they were developing before birth. This chart was made by Ernst Haeckel, an embryologist. He convincingly showed how the embryos went through the various stages of evolution while they developed. This included even the formation of gill slits in the verterbrates.

The chart was discovered to be a complete fraud. Haeckel had faked the drawings. This was pointed out over a century ago. The illustration is still found in countless textbooks and used by professors and teachers across the nation.


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