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IT Management Best Practices 2009/2010, is designed to assist organizations in planning for use of new technologies in light of the adoption and economic experiences of those that have already implemented them. It also gives the IT executive insight into how widely IT management best practices are put to use by other organizations.

Internet Tools

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Today I was just about to get into the shower when I heard a once familiar call and the clip clop of a horse. I couldn't believe what I heard and had to look out of the window to check that I was hearing right. I saw a sight which I haven't seen for many years - a scruffy man with horse and cart collecting other peoples junk from which he was planning to make money - a rag and bone man.

It reminded me of Steptoe and Son (Sanford and Son in the US) the popular sit com from the sixties and seventies, the rag and bone man even looked like Harold Steptoe from a distance. Harold and his father Albert ran a scrap yard and the rag and bone men went out on their rounds daily collecting junk, some free some paid for, the junk was recycled for profit proving the saying that one mans rubbish is another mans treasure.

I used to love watching Steptoe and Son and I'll never forget the phrase "You dirty old man" said by Harold to his father in such a despising way. The humor probably wasn't politically correct, but sometimes I think that PC has gone too far anyway.

Seeing the rag and bone man made me think about entrepreneurship and Internet marketing in a roundabout way. It made me realise that just as he collects free products for resale you can use free products and free tools and resources to build your Internet business and there is no better time to start than now.

We keep hearing about the credit crunch and how it is affecting the lives of millions. When recessions hit many people lose their jobs and struggle to find other employment, but it is also a time when entrepreneurs rise from the ashes of high unemployment. Some create empires from real world businesses like my rag and bone man. Others get involved with business opportunities on and offline. Many don't succeed but some do and it is because of those success stories that so many try.

New businesses need different levels of start up capital depending upon the type of business that is being launched. Real world businesses generally need more start up capital. For instance the rag and bone man would need a horse and cart and somewhere to store his 'stock'. He would also need the know how to renovate or recycle his 'stock' and where to sell his goods.

An Internet business can be started with nothing except a computer, an ability to search and learn, a commitment to hard work and patience. There is no need to throw your life savings into Internet marketing because there are an awful lot of free products and free tools and resources waiting out there for you to make money with providing that you realise that it takes time and that you have a lot of patience.

Following you will find a list of the types of low cost or free tools of resources available on the internet to help you to build your internet business:

  • Webspace (hosting, blogs, Squidoo, Hubpages)
    • Website and Blog Templates
    • Products (ebooks, software, templates, graphics and scripts)
    • Product & Service Affiliation
    • Free Advertising
    • Search Engine Submission (limited)
    • Article Directories (mostly free to submit articles)
    • Auction Sites (small fees
    • Forums (For knowledge & marketing)
    • Marketplace (Payloadz & Tradebit - small fee)
    • Free Informative Courses
    • Link directories
    • Email Marketing
    • Autoresponders
    • Google Publisher Tools
    Just do a search for any of those and you will find that there is a massive amount of free tools and resources for Internet marketers out there, plus more than I have listed.

Internet Security

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There are several main types of Internet security software, the most familiar being anti-virus software. This is a program or system of programs that is capable of scanning a computer’s files and finding viruses and other malicious downloads. Once found, the virus can be either quarantined or destroyed. Any computer that is connected to the Internet should be equipped with an anti-virus software. Many anti-virus programs come in a package that also contain software such as firewalls and parental controls. A firewall is a program that helps to block viruses and unwanted files from entering a computer’s system and is the first line of defense for protection against viruses. These programs work together with anti-virus programs to keep most home computers virus free. Parental controls and other features may not be needed by everyone, but families with children may benefit from such programs.

The main differences between security programs are the level of protection and the price. In general, the higher the price, the higher the level of protection. However, there is no one size fits all solution to choosing the best Internet security software. High-end programs may help offer the maximum in protection, but they are generally intended for large networks that could potentially be attacked from multiple locations or from within the network. If you have a simple home computer setup, this level of protection is not usually needed.

To choose the best Internet security software for your individual needs, you should make out a budget and shop around. Look for programs that are designed your specific purpose, meaning home or business use, and decide on the level of protection you need. You should also find software that can be upgraded later if you find yourself with additional needs. Start with the least amount of protection needed and work your way up from there.

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