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IT Management Best Practices 2009/2010, is designed to assist organizations in planning for use of new technologies in light of the adoption and economic experiences of those that have already implemented them. It also gives the IT executive insight into how widely IT management best practices are put to use by other organizations.


Posted by Anonymous Monday, April 12, 2010

Do not be fooled by sites that tell you they offer free full version game downloads. You may jump at this statement and tell me that you are already playing some games right now from one of these sites. Give me a few minutes and you will understand what I am talking about when I say free full version game downloads do not exist.

Chances are if you are downloading games at one of the totally free site, you are not doing so in a secured environment. You may be unwittingly downloading spyware and adware. In worse cases, you could be downloading viruses onto your PC. The first sign of a series of problems would be a slow PC speed. Run your computer and observe if your computer seems to have slowed down over time. There is a high possibility.

I am not trying to scare you but your computer could be damaged as some of these files are corrupted. You may lose more disk space which is minor but some of these harmful viruses could affect your PC registry and create larger problems. Some of these are irreversible. You end up having to replace your hard disk, lose your personal files or have to hire a computer technician to help you troubleshoot. So tell me, is it still free?

Instead of download games at these free sites, there is another alternative to get full version game downloads. No, it is not free but close enough. These sites operate on a pay-per-download or membership based service. Essentially, you pay for each game download which is a few dollars only or pay a flat membership fee for access to unlimited game downloads. Most of these game databases are gigantic with millions of PC games, movies and even music files. They are not pirated versions but full versions of games.

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