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C-Media AC97 Audio Device

Posted by Anonymous Friday, April 9, 2010

About C-Media AC97 Audio Device

C-Media AC97 Audio Device is PCI driver from C-Media. C-Media Electronics have announced a new high-end PC sound card, the Oxygen CMI8787. The 8787 features an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio (up to 120dB), integrated in a full-featured C-Media 3D Xear audio driver. These exciting technologies allow you to transform your stereo PC audio into a Hollywood-level multi-channel surround experience.

How to Install C-Media AC97 Audio Device
This step-by-step guide describers how to obtain and install C-Media AC97 Audio Device drivers for Windows.

1. Define your C-Media PCI device model.

2. Define your operating system to install your C-Media PCI device. Note: Update Drivers in Win Vista

3. Browse PCI Drivers.

4. Find C-Media PCI Drivers.

5. Select C-Media AC97 Audio Device.

6. Download C-Media AC97 Audio Device. Note: you can update all Drivers automatically with RadarSync (Freeware) or Driver Detective (Shareware).

7. Install C-Media AC97 Audio Device.

8. Restart or reboot your computer to finish your driver installation. Note: you can backup your computer drivers before updating.

Download C-Media AC97 Audio Device for Windows XP


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