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IT Management Best Practices 2009/2010, is designed to assist organizations in planning for use of new technologies in light of the adoption and economic experiences of those that have already implemented them. It also gives the IT executive insight into how widely IT management best practices are put to use by other organizations.

Desktop Customize

Posted by Anonymous Thursday, April 8, 2010

The app comes preloaded with several starter themes. To enable one, simply choose a theme, click Apply My Changes, and voilà—you’ve themed your desktop. The preloaded default themes are fine, but they’re not mind-blowing. To find a better premade skin, check out deviantART’s extensive collection of WindowBlinds themes (http://tinyurl.com/48vj9z). Just find a theme you like, download it, and double-click the WBA file to install the theme alongside the defaults. Finally, if the artist in you is dying to express your vision to a T, WindowBlinds is packed with options, so you can customize each theme to your heart’s content.

The Windows taskbar is functional—but it’s not sexy. Mac users have boasted about the utility of the OS X Dock for years, but in the end, the joke’s on them: The free Windows application RocketDock brings the same functionality, and then some, to your Windows desktop. The app has a minimal footprint (around 12MB), is completely skinnable (from the icons to the dock itself), and offers a huge repository of free addons for customizing your dock to perfection. Customization aside, RocketDock, like the OS X Dock, let’s you minimize windows to and launch applications from the dock.

Want to streamline your desktop without the weight of extra applications? Try swapping out your default icons for more attractive alternatives—like any of the free icon sets from DryIcons (http://dryicons.com/free-icons). To replace a folder’s icon, for example, right-click the folder, choose Properties, and find the Customize tab. Then click the Change Icon button, which launches a simple dialog from where you can browse for the icon you want to swap in. Next, try auto-hiding your taskbar for a fuller screen experience by right-clicking any empty space on the taskbar, clicking Properties, and then ticking the Auto-hide taskbar checkbox. Last but not least, clear off considerable desktop clutter and better showcase your wallpaper by disabling desktop icons. In Vista, right-click the desktop, select View, and then untick Show Desktop Icons. XP users, right-click the desktop, select Arrange Icons By, and then uncheck the Show Desktop Icons entry.

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